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Political Cartoons (1)

To our readers

On Thursday, May 28, The Sentinel received an email from a local cartoonist who said certain political cartoons penned by William Charles were examples of his art work.

William Charles is an unpaid contributor to The Sentinel, much like other contributors who graciously donate their time and efforts. We have greatly enjoyed Mr. Charles and his efforts to lampoon local government.

However, The Sentinel takes these matters very seriously. So, we acted accordingly. All cartoons signed by Mr. Charles have been pulled from our website until we can determine their originality. Only 100 percent original cartoons will be posted on our website or printed in the newspaper. Our apologies to any cartoonist whose artwork appeared without his or her knowledge.

Going forward, of course the lampooning will continue whether drawn by Mr. Charles or someone else. After all any event that allows us to write a headline like "Big Clucking Problem in Gaithersburg," is certainly worthy of a cartoon.






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