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Increasing perceived value of agents

house real estateDid you know that Gallup ( conducts an annual poll of ethics and honesty of various professions?  Although the annual survey is not inclusive of all professions, many are covered in alternating years.  Results from the 2013 survey ranked the top five professions as (along with their corresponding “Very High/High” rating) nurses (82 percent), pharmacists (70 percent), grade school teachers (70 percent), medical doctors (69 percent), and military officers (69 percent). 


Fear in home buying

house real estateHome buyers have been tagged as being too picky for not buying homes this year.  Surely home buyers have a right to be particular; after all, they’ll be spending a lot of time in the house – and spending a lot of money to get it too!  But, maybe there are other reasons that home buyers have become hesitant. 

Consider the uncertainty that immediately followed the Great Recession, when home sales volume dropped off. 


Selling your home in the cold winter

house real estateSome might say that selling a home during the winter is advantageous because of limited seller competition.  Although it may be true that there is less competition, there is typically less home buyer traffic during winter months as well.  Additionally, many home buyers who look during the winter months expect home sellers to be more flexible about pricing, and may subsequently make a lowball offer.  However, if you’re planning a winter sale, preparation and marketing can increase your success. 


Helping family with home ownership

house real estateThe holiday season is about spending time with family and enjoying each other’s company.  But as a consequence of the Great Recession, some family members (including adult children) have made “family time” a year round thing by moving in.  Whether it’s a child moving back with parents after college, or maybe family who suffered a financial hardship; having accommodating family can be a blessing.  However, as the economy slowly improves, the post-recession family nesting trend is changing and many are (re)establishing their own homes.


Low interest rates likely in 2015

house real estateThe recent stumble of the housing market recovery has been a head scratcher for many.  Surely low interest rates and an abundant number of homes for sale should have been incentive for any home buyer.  But alas, many have been disappointed by the 2014 housing trends; even with sparse anecdotes of quick sales and bidding wars. 


New buyer and seller behaviors

house real estateThe National Association of Realtors® annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is characterized as being a survey of home buyers and sellers that reveals “demographics, housing characteristics and the experience of consumers in the housing market, including the role that real estate professionals play in home sales transactions (


A multi-generational homestead

house real estate“Wait long enough and it will come back in style” is a saying that typically applies to clothing styles and fashion.  And unlike fashion trends, which typically relies on pop culture, fads, and a designer’s vision; home design trends are more practical and rely on changing life styles, advances in building technologies, and the development and/or use of new construction materials.

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