Real Estate

A multi-generational homestead

house real estate“Wait long enough and it will come back in style” is a saying that typically applies to clothing styles and fashion.  And unlike fashion trends, which typically relies on pop culture, fads, and a designer’s vision; home design trends are more practical and rely on changing life styles, advances in building technologies, and the development and/or use of new construction materials.


Never leave money on the table

house real estateA nagging concern that is often expressed by many home sellers is that they are leaving money on the table; in other words selling for too little.  The dilemma often presented to a home seller is that if the home is priced too high, then there is risk eliminating potential home buyers; while at a lower price, there is risk selling at a less than desirable price.


Coming up next in the market

house real estateIt’s no secret that the pace of home sales has slowed during 2014.  So what’s ahead for real estate and the housing market?  If you really want to know, Irwin Kellner, Chief Economist for MarketWatch, has some advice.  In his August 19th piece (Opinion: Don’t count on U.S. consumer to save economy) he eloquently and succinctly said, “If you are trying to discern where the economy is heading, look at the consumer.”  And this applies directly to real estate too.


Millenials and home ownership

house real estateIt used to be easy to figure out the strength of the real estate market, all you had to do was look at reported housing indices and it all made sense.  Statistics were often verified and corresponded to other indices as well.  However, since the financial crisis, there seems to be a disconnect between national and local housing indicators; gauging the market has become confusing – understanding what the indices measure and imply is often tricky. 

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