Real Estate

Prepare now for a low inventory market

house real estateAs the weather warms, many home buyers are venturing out making themselves known; only to be greeted with low inventories and higher list prices.  The National Association of Realtors® March 23rd press release indicated that nationwide low housing inventory is pushing home prices to grow rapidly; average home prices across the country increased 7.5 percent during February compared to the same period last year ( 


Now the time for post-winter maintenance

house real estateDid you know that enduring a harsh winter can make you more resilient?  At least that’s what University of Buffalo researcher Mark Seery believes.  His research on stress and coping reveals that negative events and adversity promotes adaptability and resilience, which benefits your overall wellness (


Learning to protect your online identity

house real estateLast year, hackers targeted a number of retailers to compromise shoppers’ financial and personal information. A recent hack of a health insurer possibly jeopardized policy holder data. And Krebbs Security ( reported on February 15th about an investigation being conducted by the Defense Contract Management Agency of a possible hacking.

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