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Nothing to Fear but Loathing


statueoflibertyGive me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

- The Statue of Liberty

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty cannot be blunter. The actions of some of our country’s governors, including Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cannot be more obtuse.

Out of fear that some Syrian refugees could be terrorists there are governors of some of the United States who would defy federal law about the entry of these refugees to our soil.


Welcome to the Mizzou Nightmare


5641956dc46188e85b8b4590Nothing is more infuriating than ignorance. Nothing is more unacceptable than hypocrisy.

So imagine the combination of hypocritical ignorance.

That describes the scene at my alma mater – The University of Missouri this week.

In a nutshell the infuriating and unacceptable actions occurred among protesters at Mizzou who were angry about racial problems on campus.


Give Peace a Chance


lennonThe man who sang “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance,” would’ve been 75-years-old this week.
Instead, a crazed man with a gun shot him down in front of the Dakota in Manhattan on December 8, 1980.
I was 19.
In the 35 years since someone shot and killed John Lennon this country has become more divided, seemingly more violent and definitely more intolerant.
Someone running for President recently spoke against the idea of a Muslim becoming President.
It should be lost on none of us that the man who said this is an African American doctor and until recently many said the same thing about a Black man running for President as he said about a Muslim running for that office.
Nor should it be forgotten that the same thing was once said about John F. Kennedy being President as he was a Catholic.


Lox and executions


Walking into my favorite Jewish delicatessen I ordered the usual liquid caffeine kick starter and settled in for a lox and cream cheese on a toasted regular bagel.
When the young attendant behind the counter read back my order she said, “Lots of cream cheese, onions and tomatoes.”
“Lox,” I said.
“What?” she replied.
I looked around incredulous. “This is a Jewish delicatessen, yes?” I replied.
“I’m not Jewish,” the young woman said.
“Neither am I,” I replied.
“Well what’s Lox?” she asked with a blank look brought about by too much time on her cell phone and on videogames and not nearly enough time living.
I sighed.


The Pope Tokes Hope

popendcAs Pope Francis and The President sat down to talk in the Oval Office, they waited as the press pool filed in and of course, as we are often the messiest as we jockey for position to get a photo or ask a question, the President told the members of the press assembled for the event that we were better behaved than we have been in the past.
Hopefully it is something we remember of the Pope’s visit -manners.
Having a Pope visit the U.S. is not a daily occurrence and the visit by Pope Francis is something anxiously anticipated by many Catholics.
I am not one of them.


Is that a clock in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

8808753 GSo deep in the bowels of America, somewhere near the home of the Dallas Cowboys, a young teenager constructed a homemade clock.
When he took it to school, rather than being congratulated for his ingenuity and promise, he was arrested because after all he’s a Muslim and the damn thing looked like a bomb.
I mean what were those highly intelligent Cowboy fans supposed to think?
Ain’t no way a kid would construct a clock? Most of the kids in Irving probably can’t spell “clock” especially if it isn’t the last name of a Cowboy football player.
I mean the poor guy - the teacher that is - was confronted by a teen who wants to be an engineer and who had fashioned a clock out of a pencil case.

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