Editor's Notebook

Considering the House

PencilPaperThe Maryland House is considering a bill this session which would provide protection for journalists who work and live in the state but gather information from outside of the state and face incarceration for their actions should they attempt to protect confidential sources.

The move is based on a New York case where a young reporter faced being jailed in Colorado because of a confidential source though she worked and reported from New York City.


No more whistleblowers


sterlingThe Obama administration took a step back into the dark ages this week when CIA whistle blower Jeffrey Sterling found himself convicted of nine criminal counts under the thick umbrella of the Espionage Act.

In a statement Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. said the verdict was a “just and appropriate outcome . . . The disclosures placed lives at risk. . . and they constituted an egregious breach of the public trust by someone who had sworn to uphold it.”


Did you hear the one?

PencilPaperPain for the Washington Redskins came abruptly to an end this week in the form of a Guillotine from Dallas in a beat down which would have John Lennon imagining a very large God.

Nothing has been more painful for a Washington D.C. football fan this year than watching the mighty Hawgs bow, scrape, fold, be torn asunder and have their butts kicked like an extra in a John Wayne movie.

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