Continuing Stupid Medical Tricks

carr-currentOkay, let’s get a couple of things out of the way.

First, I have terminal cancer.  This week I learned it’s even more terminal than I had thought.  Three forms of malignancy are now competing to kill me—bladder cancer, metastatic transitional cell carcinoma, and colon cancer.  I don’t mean to complain, but this seems like overkill to me.  I try to keep a good sense of humor about it, but it literally hurts to laugh.


It's not government "buy" the people

100 dollar billsThe Maryland General Assembly recently passed two important pieces of legislation, HJ002 by a vote of 89 to 49 and SJ0002 by a vote of 29 to 18.  These two bills formally support the Democracy for All Amendment which calls for a Constitutional Convention to overturn the Supreme Court's devastating decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010).  This decision has, in effect, turned back the clock on campaign finance reform by declaring that corporations enjoy the First Amendment political rights of the people and, in so doing, it toppled dozens of state and federal laws and many decades of judicial precedent which had prevented both corporations and unions from spending corporate and union treasury funds in political campaigns.     


The "dying declaration" is admissable

gavel2Ordinarily in Maryland the prosecution cannot appeal decisions of a trial judge against the State in a criminal trial. Last week Maryland’s highest Court affirmed a decision of the intermediate appellate court that an appeal of  a trial judge’s decision not to admit a “dying declaration” was appealable, and agreed that the evidence should have been admitted at trial. The case is called Jermaine Hailes v. State.


County school bus depots and the Rockville follies

PencilPaperOne of the most common stories in local news for the last few weeks is the drama surrounding the relocation of the county school bus depot.

Currently residing in the Shady Grove corridor, where it has been for years, the county school system has to move the bus depot by the first of next year because the county is trying to develop the area around the Shady Grove Metro for retail outlets and suitable living space.

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