Civic activism and land use issues

mccivicfedAt the time I became a civic activist thirteen years ago, I thought I was simply opposing approval of a redevelopment project for a property near my home that was not in keeping with the recommendations for the site in our area master plan.  Thus began a process during which I have learned several valuable lessons.


Good government begins with the vote

mccivicfedFor decades now, media pundits have bemoaned the influence of special interests over elections, as well as the functioning of government in general.  No sooner had Congress approved the McCain-Feingold Act to close Federal election finance loopholes, and the President signed the bill into law, than special interests invented a creative new way to circumvent the law and funnel soft money to their chosen candidates for elected office.


Rockville resident recalls the Master Plan and the politics of the city as a matter of civic honor and pride

PencilPaperTen years ago the residents of East Rockville made a contract with City of Rockville when the Mayor and Council approved their Neighborhood Plan.  This plan was the contract, and it was developed in careful, thoughtful, and deliberate partnership with residents as a guide to protect the character and quality of the East Rockville neighborhood.

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