And this just in about fair housing

house real estateApril is designated as Fair Housing Month.  The timing for the commemoration is not arbitrary, but is the memorialization of the passing of the Fair Housing Act, which was enacted April 1968.  According to HUD (, “HUD hosted a gala event in the Grand Ballroom of New York's Plaza Hotel” to celebrate the first year. 


Supervising probation agents

gavel2It is a common part of sentencing of a person convicted of a crime to require that the defendant agree to a period of  probation supervised by a probation officer after the defendant serves his or her original sentence, subject to additional jail time for violating probation.   What can happen when the defendant fails to comply with terms of probation  is illustrated by a recent case from the Court of Appeals entitled State of Maryland vs. Callahan.


No more whistleblowers


sterlingThe Obama administration took a step back into the dark ages this week when CIA whistle blower Jeffrey Sterling found himself convicted of nine criminal counts under the thick umbrella of the Espionage Act.

In a statement Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. said the verdict was a “just and appropriate outcome . . . The disclosures placed lives at risk. . . and they constituted an egregious breach of the public trust by someone who had sworn to uphold it.”


Just say "NO" to this plan

mccivicfedThis past week residents, including our Civic Fed members and civic activists were surprised to see a bill appear suddenly before our Montgomery County Delegation, MC24-15, which would create an ‘Independent Transit Authority.’  That bill was ‘late-filed,’ meaning it required that two-thirds of the Montgomery County Delegation vote for it to be introduced.


Rockville under attack

mccivicfedThe City of Rockville is undergoing yet another developer-backed attack on its unique attempt to limit overdevelopment within city limits.  In 2005,  Rockville adopted an Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance that tied the approval of development to the school capacity of the schools actually affected by proposed development. 

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