Low interest rates likely in 2015

house real estateThe recent stumble of the housing market recovery has been a head scratcher for many.  Surely low interest rates and an abundant number of homes for sale should have been incentive for any home buyer.  But alas, many have been disappointed by the 2014 housing trends; even with sparse anecdotes of quick sales and bidding wars. 


A wild and wacky world

PencilPaperThe middle-aged football fan smiled as he approached the group of revelers gathered outside of FedEx Field for the latest Washington Redskins home game.

“This is my first tailgating party in my life,” he told a welcoming group of partiers who handed him a beer, some barbecue and greeted him with great rhythm and blues and a humorous disc jockey.


Real food for Montgomery County


mccivicfedWhat do Montgomery County parents want for their children? Access to free water in the cafeteria; fewer highly-processed meal choices; more salad bars; healthier a la carte and vending machine options; more transparency and accountability; utilization of our county’s Agricultural Reserve for fresh, local produce; less sugar; and more respect for the latest research on the dangers of chemical food additives.


New buyer and seller behaviors

house real estateThe National Association of Realtors® annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers is characterized as being a survey of home buyers and sellers that reveals “demographics, housing characteristics and the experience of consumers in the housing market, including the role that real estate professionals play in home sales transactions (

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