Federation looking for young activists to step up and get involved

mccivicfedDuring the twelve years I have been a delegate to the Montgomery County Civic Federation, I have known thirteen colleagues who "died in the saddle."  That's an old cowboy expression for someone who passes on to the next world while still working--in this case, working as civic activists for the betterment of the county.


Never leave money on the table

house real estateA nagging concern that is often expressed by many home sellers is that they are leaving money on the table; in other words selling for too little.  The dilemma often presented to a home seller is that if the home is priced too high, then there is risk eliminating potential home buyers; while at a lower price, there is risk selling at a less than desirable price.


Anyone for another latte?

PencilPaperNice to know people are upset with our President because he walked off a helicopter with a latte in his hand and saluted his guard with the latte in the forward and upright position.

Never mind we have congressmen on so-called science subcommittees who have no idea what science is – or what the definition of “is” is.

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