Water main leak floods intersection in Bethesda

river road worksiteBETHESDA – An eight-inch water main leak occurred around 8:30 Thursday night near the intersection of River Road and Willard Avenue, flooding the intersection and obstructing traffic for several hours. Utility crews from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) worked through the night into Friday afternoon clearing the water and sealing the leak.


Parents voice overwhelming support for delaying high school start times

Bell times public hearingROCKVILLE – Parents overwhelmingly supported delaying high school start times at a Board of Education public hearing last night, with many saying it should start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. for the health of adolescents.

The board is looking at five options for delayed start times after Superintendent Joshua Starr’s Bell Times Work Group examined research on adolescents’ sleep needs. In light of fiscal challenges, the BOE asked for options that are less than $10 million.


Hope to save Ebola patients with county twist

ebolaROCKVILLE – More than a year after the Ebola virus resurfaced in Africa, a successful vaccine might become a reality in Montgomery County.

“The pre-clinical data is very, very promising. I have a great deal of hope,” said Dr. Stephan A. Bart, president and chief medical officer of Optimal Research and principal investigator of a trial that he says is “leading the U.S. initiative for the development of this important vaccine.”


Trash workers come to four-year agreement for pay raises

Trash workers strikingLAUREL – Trash workers came to a four-year collective bargaining agreement with Unity Disposal and Recycling after nearly two weeks of striking and meetings with a federal mediator. The agreement includes pay raises, paid time off and a written disciplinary policy.


Frosh tackling tough issues as new A.G.

Brian Frosh betterROCKVILLE – Less than a month after taking office Attorney General Brian Frosh (D) is already facing tough challenges.

Among other things, Frosh is facing a huge budget cut to the attorney general’s office that he was not expecting when he entered his new position.

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