County hospitals and schools prepare for Ebola

stethoscopeAs Montgomery County gears up for the possibility of Ebola, hospital and school officials are assuring people not to worry.

There have been no suspected cases in Montgomery County since two false alarms earlier this month. Although officials urge people to remember Ebola is rare and hard to catch, health workers are preparing according to Centers for Disease Control protocols and county recommendations.


Police and prosecutors look to protect growing number of senior citizens

john mccarthyROCKVILLE – Senior citizens are one of the fastest growing populations in Montgomery County. According to statistics from the county, 10,000 Americans are expected to turn 65 everyday for the next 17 years and seniors make up 20 percent of the population – a number that is expected to grow by 71 percent by 2040. As the senior population continues to grow, the county is concerned crimes against seniors will continue to grow.


County looks at variety of plans to improve department of liquor control

LiquorROCKVILLE – The embattled Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC) is looking to make improvements after receiving recommendations from the state and an independent work group.

In a detailed 95-page report from Philadelphia-based PFM group about the DLC, the group detailed the need for the county to replace its aging delivery trucks, increase product availability and close or relocate the Chevy Chase store, which has a low product turnover rate and the lowest sales in the county.


Brian Frosh looks to make an impression in run for attorney general office

brian froshState Senator Brian Frosh, Democratic nominee for Attorney General of Maryland, said he keeps Maryland’s public safety at the top of his list and wants to make the place safer for children and seniors as well as protect the environment as soon as he takes charge.


CDC starts entry screenings for Ebola at international airports

airplaneThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently started entry screenings for Ebola at five international airports across the country. While the Montgomery County Airpark is the fourth busiest airport in Maryland, it does not handle the types of international flights currently being screened by the CDC.


County honors artistic leaders

arts and hum photo 2SILVER SPRING – Montgomery County’s best dancers, musicians, actors, writers and artists of all kinds gathered to recognize eight of their best and brightest at the 13th annual County Executive’s Awards for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities on Oct. 20.

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