Police crack down on restaurant underage drinkers

clydes tower oaks lodgeBetween late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, Montgomery County police and an inspector from the Department of Liquor Control monitored Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge restaurant and bar in Rockville for alcohol violations.

According to the MCPD, “The joint operation was in response to community complaints.” The complaints included underage drinking in the restaurant, assaults, the over servicing of patrons and the allowing of intoxicated patrons to drive after leaving the bar.

Police issued seven civil citations for the possession of fake IDs and all seven patrons were under 21. Police also issued five civil citations for the underage possession of alcohol. All five patrons were drinking inside the bar and had a blood alcohol content of over 0.1. Police arrested five people for driving under the influence with BACs ranging from .09 to .22, which is over the legal limit of .08. All five people with DUIs said they drank at the Tower Oaks Lodge.

According to the MCPD, “Officers noted that the police calls for service seemed to coincide with ongoing drink specials on Monday evenings at the restaurant.”

The DLC inspector observed that the restaurant sold alcohol to minors, did not provide employee records, and over- serviced a patron to the point that “she required the assistance of other people to walk.  She had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .23.”

According to the MCPD the DLC inspector “will conduct a follow-up investigation regarding possible violations after consulting with DLC management.” 

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