The modern-day plague

PencilPaperThe war in the Middle East continues today as bombs drop on Palestine and Israel.  In the Ukraine someone shot down an airliner and Europe and the United States are pursuing the stiffest sanctions yet against Russia, threatening a renewal of the Cold War.

Meanwhile in Africa several countries are battling the dangerous Ebola virus in the world’s worst outbreak of that deadly disease. There is no known cure for this disease in which people slowly bleed to death from within.

Our Congress meanwhile is debating whether to pursue impeachment proceedings against the President.

On the local front, the Rockville city council continues to fight its citizens regarding several transparency issues. The county is struggling with where or even if they’ll house illegal immigrant children and the lead story on the morning news was something about a pregnant celebrity.

Who it was, I have no idea and couldn’t possibly care less.

A former high level federal official recently said the world is a mess, but I need to know what color wall coverings some celebrity wants for some baby she will give birth to in a few months?

Perhaps this is part of the problem.

On a completely unrelated, but linked topic, the state has decriminalized marijuana and may consider legalizing it in the near future.

We have been endeavoring to poll the county council on their marijuana use in the past, present and future. That story is to come as we try to make sense out of certain comments which include but aren’t limited to “I won’t know until we hold public hearings,” and “I inhaled,” but apparently didn’t smoke marijuana.

This makes me wonder if some elected officials are currently enjoying fine local skunk weed on a daily basis. I’m not judging. Just wondering.

It could go a long way to explain some disjointed behavior in congress, the statehouse and especially in the city of Rockville.

“Never mind them, they’re just high,” would definitely make things easier to explain.

Perhaps we should get every elected body extremely stoned and then send them home without making a single decision.

Would it be any worse than what we face today?

Perhaps the U.S. should provide a thick fog of heavy marijuana-laden smoke in certain war zones throughout the world. Marijuana, but why?

I’m not making light of the horrible problems throughout the world, I’m just noting that as a bouncer in college I broke up a lot of fights – but never between pot heads. They didn’t fight. They wouldn’t even fight over the last brownie or twinkie in the house.

Of course the world’s problems cannot be solved by the use of marijuana – but apparently we lack the mental acumen to solve our problems any way.

That’s not to say we should all get high, but it is to point out that every single problem we face on this planet is caused by man and therefore can be solved by men – if we put our mind to doing so and not on the frivolous or on the delusional.

The sole exception to this is perhaps the greatest threat we face. It isn’t drug use. It isn’t the war in the Middle East, or the war in the Ukraine. It isn’t health care. It isn’t the Democrats and the Republicans. It isn’t the Supreme Court. It isn’t Rockville – well maybe – and it isn’t anything else man’s inhumanity to man has spawned.

It is the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Other than a rogue asteroid laying low all of humanity in an extinction level event, the outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa is the scariest situation we face.

I hope I’m overstating it, but I wonder as I write these words how many more have become infected and I ponder how easily the virus can spread. Fifty to 90 percent of the people infected with this virus will die. World Health officials are now on alert – fearful this virus will become a global catastrophe of biblical proportions.

As we consider all that we do to each other to cause suffering, perhaps it is time to consider what nature can do to us independently and indiscriminately. Man’s inhumanity to man still pales in comparison to what Nature can do to us – in a matter of weeks.

It would benefit all of humanity to come together to solve this problem.

We overlook it and waste time on celebrity births, drug use, politics and religion, something called “lib-tards” and a host of other meaningless issues.

I hope I’m overstating this because I’d hate to see a modern-day plague. It would really ruin my day.

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