Alice in Pepperland via Oz

PencilPaperIn 1968, some 753 years after the signing of the Magna Carta, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band freed the good people of Pepperland from the likes of the bad people – Blue Meanies.

Today, some 46 anno Sgt. Pepper, bad people – the Blue Meanies along with the Snapping  Turtle Turks, Butterfly Stompers and Apple Bonkers are once again tormenting Pepperland.

A large tempest blowing in from the east – undetected by Pepperland’s non-existent air raid sirens – recently brought in a large balloon filled with the strangest group of characters who claim they were chosen to lead Pepperland by a mere 15 percent of the populace. Among them were a cowardly lion who claimed he’d lead, but was sure the Chief Appointed Blue Meanie had the authority to do so. The Scarecrow said it didn’t matter because he was the smartest straw man in the room – a fact that proved to be untrue even if he were the only straw man in the room. The Tin Man had no heart for the fight and claimed the villagers in the adjoining 4th Kingdom were out to get him. There was also a China Doll in the balloon who happily walked across the land scared to do anything for fear she would break.

Meanwhile, in Pepperland, young Alice saw she could no longer look through the looking glass and had to do something about the plight of her countrymen.

The Chief Appointed Blue Meanie was busy consolidating power, usurping the will of the good people of Pepperland because of a power vacuum created by the lack of a Yellow Submarine filled with good elected musicians and the most-high Lord Mayor of Pepperland.

Taking advantage of the situation the Highest Appointed Blue Meanie used the gifts of her chief litigating Snapping Turtle Turk and minister most sinister and quite incompetent Apple Bonker who had the uncanny ability to shoot herself in the foot with her own apples, and the three took off to poison the water supply – after all The Chief Appointed Blue Meanie wasn’t around when Pepperland first faced peril so she couldn’t be accountable for the continuing problems.

Meanwhile, Alice decided to summon her friends to force the Blue Meanies to retreat and quit torturing the good people of Pepperland – many who had complained their parks were being infested with Blue Meanie minions – and those working there were facing a lack of recreation, and an overwhelming amount of discrimination as the Butterfly Stompers kicked the hard working members of Pepperland around for any perceived reason to amuse those in charge.

But without the help of Sgt. PLHCH, Alice found her way beset with challenges awe-inspiring and life-threatening.

While the Mad Hatter hadn’t made the trip, Alice found she had enough on her plate dealing with the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and China Doll – all three of whom while claiming they were entitled to rule couldn’t come to a decision as to what that meant – other than allowing the Chief Blue Meanie to run amuck in Pepperland.

“Drink the water,” shouted the Blue Meanie. “Yes. Yes,” screamed the council of elders.

Alice couldn’t, nor could she convince the council to stop drinking the water and make a decision for themselves to help lead Pepperland from despair.

“We only vote on policy in Pepperland,” The Scarecrow shouted. “We cannot implement it,” The Tin Man proclaimed. “I don’t know what to for I may break,” shouted the China Doll. “I fear the litigating Snapping Turtle Turk,” The Cowardly Lion whined. “We can’t do anything without her opacity guiding the way!”

Meanwhile the Apple Bonker proceeded to tell the world in the Fourth Kingdom outside of Pepperland that the Blue Meanie knew best so it would be wise to leave the Blue Meanie to her own devices.

Alice, frustrated she could not build a coalition and without the help of Sgt. PLHCB, found herself floundering.

The charter which founded Pepperland, skirted and sneered at by the Blue Meanie – after all someone had to take charge – became a pale shadow of its former self.

Pepperland, a rich and vibrant kingdom somehow managed to thrive despite the ravages of the Blue Meanies.

“See, we knew what was best all along,” The Chief Blue Meanie smiled as she usurped all authority.

“I really am through the looking glass now,” Alice said as the Snapping Turtle Turk tried to swallow her whole. “What will become of Pepperland?’

Stay tuned.

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