There is a good reason?

PencilPaperThere is a reason why people deny the holocaust, evolution, global warming, confront each other on national television in a manner demeaning to school yard bullies, don’t vote, complain about the government, elect the morons we do and all the while remain unaware of the system of government we use.

There is a reason there are mass shootings seemingly every day and why people continue to confuse the rights offered to us in The Constitution.

There is a reason why some people have decided against vaccinating their children against measles and other maladies.

It is a lack of education. The most dominant  reason for the horror this country has become in the last 20 years is our inability to adequately educate ourselves and our children. You can blame “No child left behind,” you can blame the democrats and you can blame the republicans. You can blame everyone high and low but don’t leave yourself out of the equation because we’re all to blame and we all should be intent on fixing it.

Many of us are not only ignorant, but militantly and blissfully so. We’d rather believe the facts we like that accept life as it is. Those of us controlling property and politicians are eager for us to continue on this route because they control the status quo and they like it just fine.

The rest of us may not, but we don’t do much to change the status quo.

We don’t attack life. We bitch about it. We don’t work together. We tear each other apart and we do it from ignorance and a lack of respect and only education can solve the problem.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day one veteran parachuted onto the beach to commemorate his more spectacular jump under fire in 1944. Another veteran told by his retirement home he couldn’t attend the event because no one could drive him there, went AWOL from the home and managed to make his way from his home in England to the beaches of Normandy to catch up with his few remaining friends from that historic occasion.

It speaks to the nature of that generation the man got to the beach of his own accord and speaks volumes on our generation for impeding his efforts to do so rather than supporting him.

We haven’t been properly educated have we? We rush to judgment on the Boston Bombers and a returning POW in the most horrible vitriol and we live in a country where under the law you’re innocent until proven guilty. We haven’t learned.

There are many who continue to call it Obamacare when in fact it was passed into law by Congress, vetted in the courts and supported by Republicans and Democrats. The President didn’t make it law. Many will tell us he did, but we do not live in a monarchy. A President may suggest legislation and support legislation but it is up to Congress to pass it and many a President can tell you the Congress doesn’t always do his bidding. We live in a country of checks and balances. There are three roughly equal branches of government – the judicial, the legislative and executive branch. The President isn’t the CEO of the country with Congress as his board of directors.

More to the point, those who make this argument want the country to “Run more like a business” and some urge it to “make money.” Government at best is a zero-sum game and if you really think our government should be equated to a business then does one think a privately held company should hold elections and vote on what to do?

The ignorance of our own government in this day and age is astounding. A majority of voters don’t know who their city or county councilmen are. They don’t know if judges are elected or appointed or when. Are these partisan elections? Do you know what partisan means?

The major news organizations have taken up the slack in educating us and it’s woefully evident we are no better at educating than we are at covering the news.

We pander to the lowest common denominator and failing that we merely stoke the flames of ignorance by pandering to emotion, flash over substance and falling ourselves for appearance versus reality.

Yes, there is a good reason.

Ignorance. Those who control our society are happy with this ignorance for it keeps them in power.

The rest of us would do better to turn off the television, pick up a book and talk to our neighbors.

There is a reckoning a coming, I once heard from a preacher.

He was right, I think and only the educated will survive.

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