District 16 candidates take the pledge

892279 341356335974550 1483877683 oBETHESDA- All 11 candidates in the District 16 delegate primary race have signed a petition agreeing to run a clean campaign race without negative ads or slanderous information of other candidates often seen in other campaign races. The pledge, written by candidate Jordan Cooper, was not inspired by any incident but by the realization the three successful candidates must work together in Annapolis. 

“I came up with the idea of the clean campaigning pledge in acknowledgement of the reality that after the democratic primary on June 24, that the democrats who are elected together all need to be working together for Montgomery County to get better value for their tax dollars through the state legislature,” said Cooper. “We need to have a very cohesive team in District 16 and a cohesive delegation from Montgomery County and ensuring we all keep our campaigns clean is the best way to ensure we’re able to work more closely together and become more effective for our constituents when elected to the legislature.”
By the pledge, which all the candidates signed, the candidates will not participate in character assassination, will not misrepresent or distort anything about the other candidates in the media and the campaign staff will not participate in any slanderous behaviors. 
Democratic candidate and attorney Marc Korman said the pledge is consistent with his values. 
“The pledge is entirely consistent with how I carry myself anyway and how I plan to carry myself in this campaign,” said Korman. “I’m running a campaign of ideas and I want to talk about the issues with both the voters and the other candidates. This three point pledge was entirely consistent with that and I thought this was a good way to make sure the campaign stays focused on issues and ideas.”
So far, the District 16 candidates are the only candidates to sign this sort of pledge. 
“I think it would be wonderful if other races began signing on to the clean campaign pledge. I think the cleaner the campaign, the better the races, it benefits constituents, and it benefits candidates and will make for a more civil and effective legislature,” said Cooper.

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