Candidates line up to challenge for the June primary

ROCKVILLE- It’s time to elect new officials or keep the old ones. With little more than three months until the June 24 primary election, campaigns are in full swing. Congressional candidates for Montgomery County districts, 3, 6 and 8 are gearing up their campaigns or began their campaigns as early as summer 2013. 

District 3:
Democrat John Sarbanes has held the office since 2007. His father, former Senator Paul Sarbanes, held the seat from 1973-1977. Paul Sarbanes served in the Senate from 1977 until he retired in 2007. Congressman Sarbanes has filed for re-election.
Among his contenders are Democrat Matthew Molyett, a government computer security professional from Elkridge; Republican Thomas E. Pinkston from Baltimore County; Annapolis Republican Michael Jackson; and Baltimore County Republican Charles Long. A Republican has not represented District 3 since the election of John Boynton Philip Clayton Hill in 1927. Republican candidates have garnered as much as 36 percent of the vote in recent elections.
Molyett decided to run after sending a letter to his representative C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger III(D-2) about Syria, and receiving what he described as a generic response. 
"Running for Congress will not be the best decision for my family, will not be the best decision for my technical career, and is honestly not something I ever aspired to do…The letter by the current Representative was the final straw for me. I would complain about the actions of Congress no more, instead I would make the difference. I would be the change that I need to see,” said Molyett. 
Landscaper Michael Jackson is embarking on his second congressional campaign, having first ran for congress in 1992. Jackson decided to run again after his Water Management System plan was ignored by his congressman. Jackson’s Water Management System plan water distributes water to consumers for free. The plan will create jobs and create fiscal resources, according to Jackson.
“I’m trying to provide the federal reserve board with a new tool to maintain fiscal economy and in the same stroke eliminate water and sewage user fees and lower just about everybody’s cost of living and the only place that can be done is in congress,” said Jackson.

District 6
Freshman Congressman and Democrat John Delaney is the only Democrat running in District six. Republican Dan Bongino, who ran for senate in 2012 and is a former secret service agent and marine, began campaigning last summer. Republican Harold Painter filed at the end of January. Green party member George Gluck ran for the District 8 congressional seat in 2012. Gluck is a retired IT professional who lives in a home powered solely on solar and wind energy. He received almost 5,000 votes, or slightly more than one percent of all counted votes. Unaffiliated Walter Theodore Charlton is an attorney from Howard County and this is his first time running for office. Former marine David Vogt withdrew his candidacy to run for District 4 delegate.

District 8 
1198-1-339cIn District 8, incumbent Chris Van Hollen filed for re-election. Van Hollen is currently in his sixth term. 
George English, an army veteran and retired economist, challenged Van Hollen in the 2012 primary. Lih Young has run for many state and local offices since 1994, including Rockville city council, Comptroller, Senate, Rockville mayor, and U.S. Senate. This is Young’s first time running for congress. Republican David Wallace is a small business owner from Sykesville. Wallace ran for the republican nomination for District 8 losing out to Ken Timmerman. In 2010, Wallace unsuccessfully ran for the 4a delegate seat vacated by Republican Joseph Bartlett. 
Stephen Haddox, a government web developer, was asked by the libertarian party to run for the seat. 
“I’ve seen a lot of the issues in the government environments that I’ve been in that people complain about all the time. I’ve always had a passion for politics. I wanted to primarily do three things which is to provide people an alternative to republican and democrat platforms. They tend to get more similar as time goes on. I want to raise awareness of the libertarian party, and help resource web technology for other libertarian candidates across the country,” said Haddox. 
The primary election is on June 24. Green, Libertarian, and unaffiliated candidates will not be voted on in the primary election. All party candidates will be voted on in the general election on November 4.

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