Legislative candidates ready for election

State-House-at-sunset 3ANNAPOLIS- The candidates are now set to compete for the rights to run in November’s general election as candidates rushed to meet a February filing deadline.

In District 14, Senator Karen Montgomery will run for reelection against republican Frank Delano Jr. Incumbents Kathleen Dumais and Aruna Miller will run against democrats Bennett Rushkoff and David Fraser-Hidalgo. Republicans Ed Edmundson, and Christine Throne have filed. 
In District 15, father-son team Robin Ficker and Flynn Ficker are running for delegate and senator, as republicans. Robin Ficker, a former delegate, is running for the senate seat against incumbent Brian Feldman, who was appointed in September by Governor Martin O’Malley after Rob Garagiola resigned. Robin Ficker said he and his son have campaigned at over 30,000 homes in the district. 
“We want to make the people of District 15 our special interests instead of listening to and obeying special interest, which pretty much run the show in Annapolis and that’s why we’re spending so much time and effort trying to get the votes of the people of district 15,” said Robin Ficker. 
Senator Feldman, who was a delegate for 11 years, said he would like to be elected to a full term. 
“I’m new and I’d like the benefit of a four year term. There is a lot I can do in this chamber building on the work I did in the house of 11 years. So I’m motivated to get elected to the senate seat in my own right this year,” said Feldman. “I hope they can look at 12 years of work and conclude that I have been doing a good job for my constituents and my county and that I deserve to be elected to a full four year term based on my twelve years of work already in the record voters can look at.” 
Senator Brian Frosh (D-16) is not running for reelection. Instead Senator Frosh is running for the democratic nomination for Attorney General. Frosh is running against Prince George’s delegate Aisha Braveboy and Baltimore County Delegate John Cardin. Delegate Susan Lee will not be running for reelection as District 20 delegate. Delegate Lee will be running for Senator Frosh’s vacant seat. Challengers, J’aime Drayton and Hugh Hill are also running for the seat. Drayton said she is not a serious candidate and is only running to show her daughter the political process. Delegate Bill Frick withdrew his attorney general nomination to run for reelection in District 16.
Senator Jeannie Forehand, who is in her 19th year in the State Senate and her 36th in the Maryland General Assembly, has announced she will not be running for reelection. Democrats former District 17 delegate Cheryl Kagan and current Delegate Luiz Simmons (D-17) are running for Forehand’s seat. Republican Steve Zellers is the only republican running for the seat. Forehand officially endorsed Kagan as her successor. In District 18, Delegates Al Carr, Ana Sol Gutierrez, and Jeff Waldstreicher are running for reelection. Democrats Rick Kessler, Natali Fani-Gonzalez, and Emily Shetty have filed. No republicans have filed in the district. Senator Richard Madaleno has filed for reelection and three-time candidate Dana Beyer has filed for candidacy. 
“I’m running for election because we have work to do. We have work to do when it comes to expanding universal pre-k in Maryland. We have work when it comes to protecting victims of domestic violence and we have work when it comes to dramatically increasing our minimum wage,” said Delegate Waldstreicher. 
In District 19, Delegate Sam Arora is not running for reelection. Delegate Arora cited his reelect-ability after he voted in support of the 2011 bill to legalize same sex marriage. After co-sponsoring the bill in 2011, he wound up opposing the legislation, angering gay-rights supporters and fellow delegates. Arora will return to his private sector work as vice president for business development at the Arora Group. 
Incumbents Ben Kramer and Bonnie Cullison are running for reelection. Democrats Paul Bardack, Melodye Berry, Charlotte Crutchfield and Marice Morales are running for Arora’s seat. Republican Martha Schaerr is the only republican in the race. Senator Roger Manno is running for reelection against republican contender Felix Ed Gonzalez. 
District 20 delegate Tom Hucker is running for the District 5 seat that was opened by the resignation of Valerie Ervin. Fellow District 20 delegate Heather Mizeur is also not running for reelection as she is running for the democratic nomination for governor.

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